Why it’s important that women publish.

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Yesterday I posted a piece about SKY Magazine - my love and second born child as an entrepreneur. Yes Lynear Thinking came first in 2011 delivering my freedom and then came SKY Magazine in 2012. Then came my third child, ZÖE. As a woman in business and a woman publisher and writer I find myself to be an anomaly - at least in my market. Everyone wants to write about women entrepreneurs because we're interesting and more likely to be authentic communicators. In other words - we don't BS much. Much. As a writer, trained journalist and published author and publisher of a magazine it takes a lot for me to give up my voice. Even to another woman writer. Because it sets a protocol - that others can speak for us. What if women owned their voice? It is historically true that he who holds the pen holds the power. It should be she. But I can't do this alone. Think bigger. Then call me. L

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