My name is Lynn Armstrong. Since 2011 I have invested the knowledge of over 20 years in corporate boardrooms helping leaders move their companies up the hill of vision and communicate it so that others could see what they saw and be inspired to be a part of it. From my early days in the boardroom, I learned that the walk matters. A mentor once told me - how you do things is who you are, and how a person shows up is the first message she sends. That's why fashion matters. That's why the walk matters. That's why I own a shoe store. 


But I am many things - mother, wife, grandmother, business owner, writer, publisher, friend, yogi and fitness instructor to name a few things. When I was 45  I realized that my life was not sustainable - my work, my diet, my own head space - were having a destructive effect on my well being. I gave myself one year to change my life, my body, my job . . . my mind. 

That year led me to the place I am today.  Changes that I made to bring balance to my life included a dedicated fitness plan both as a member and then an instructor, becoming a teacher and student of yoga, and changing everything that didn't feel good, from the food I eat, to the choices that I made on a daily basis.  


My entrepreneurial journey is dedicated to those who, like me, embrace life and opportunity, whose fashion is part of her story, who is dedicated to living well, being healthy and inspiring others to do the same. 


So if this is you - one who finds herself creatively inclined and living a designed life - we will be fast and famous friends.