The City of Firsts

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I was born here. This is the place where I experienced all my firsts. First step. First kiss. The first time I saw my babies. The first time I graduated from university. The first story I ever published. I live here in a city of firsts. My firsts. Our firsts.

I own a three businesses here in this city of firsts. A consulting practice, a magazine, and a shoe store. And I am going to say what we are not supposed to say. That we have a problem with the way we see ourselves and are seen.

Here's why I am qualified to say that. My career and business has been spent at the top, with leaders, shaping visions and communicating them so that the vision is top of mind. As a corporate planner, my life has been about building visions and engaging people to understand and believe in them. In my magazine business (SKY), my work has been about helping independent business owners, also leaders, express their visions to deepen their relationship with their current customers, and to inspire those who are not yet their customers to seek them out.

In my shoppe, ZÖE , I get questions that lead me to believe we have a problem with the way we both see ourselves and the way we are perceived. The most prevalent question is - are there enough people in Regina who are able to support a high end shoppe like this? That question is often followed the statement - “if you were in <insert the name of City> you would be so successful (assuming we are not). The question is, where does this idea live? Who said we're not that kind of city? Why does our city have a reputation to the contrary, not just from visitors, but people who actually live here.

So the "top of mind” belief that we are not a city that fashion can a). exist, or b). succeed is a problem in my humble opinion. On the other hand, it’s great that I can blow them away with what I do, and even greater that I am not alone. Our city of firsts has amazing independent shops whose passion is bringing unique fashion to our city, many of whom have been celebrated on the pages of SKY.

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