1. Advertising is a strategic decision for your business. 


Our purpose is to provide a forum for good story telling and promotion of businesses and people who do good things.  The SKY Magazine brand has been in the marketplace for seven years. In 2012, Lynn Armstrong, former journalist, corporate strategist, communicator and professional writer purchased SKY, bringing a penchant for intelligent editorial and a love of strategy based communications to SKY clients.  SKY Magazine has expanded to include an online presence which provides clients with the opportunity for continuous promotion. We believe that strategy untold is a waste of good thinking, and advertising in the absence of strategy is a waste of good time and money. Our approach is to provide a collaboration of strategy, good story telling and brand building in a professional and credible environment. 


2.  Advertising is mutual investment. 


When we work with our clients, we invest in them, and get to know their business. This client knowledge translates to content that is truthful, credible and reliable for the reader and consumer.  Our readers know that when a business appears on the pages of SKY they are a trustworthy source.  That translates to sales.  And that's our goal - to help our clients build their brand and their businesses.  


3.  Your content is professionally presented and approved by you.   


Not a word goes to print until our client has approved the content. Our process goes like this. We interview you to find out who you are, what your business is about and your goals.  We develop a strategy with you, and then we develop the content for your approval.  Once the content is approved (words and pictures), we develop the layout and provide that for approval.  Once we have final approval, we go to print.


4.  We believe in doing good things. 


We believe that when you do good things, good things happen.  That's why SKY Publishers supports initiatives in the community that contribute to living well.  Our connection to the community and commitment to do good things translates to the page as well.  

5.  SKY is loved. 


From cover to cover, SKY Magazine is carefully curated, written, photographed and designed to reflect what makes our client special.  To do that, we make an investment in getting to know our clients, so that we can understand what drives them, where they are going, how they are going to get there, and what matters to them. We make sure that our target market is their target market, so we don't waste time or money. 



6.  SKY is independent. 


With each issue, we strive to reach a different part of the market place so that we continue to gather interest and followers.  Through themes and high quality editorial content, we touch on subjects that will excite and engage our readers.  The cover of SKY Magazine is used to communicate these themes, and is at the sole discretion of the publisher.  That's why there is no cover on the rate sheet. It's not for sale. But we do invite a team of cover artists on a cost recovery basis to showcase what they can do. 



7.  SKY is prolific. 


SKY is online at www.skymagazine.co, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Once the magazine hits the mailboxes and businesses, we go to work promoting our clients in the social media world. In fact, we never really stop talking about how great you are.

If you would like to be seen, contact us at publisher@skymagazine.co. 











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